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Affect of rain on drinking water supply
by Team Kritsnam

One of the basic needs of every organism on Earth is drinking water. According to WHO's definition, "drinking water is that which doesn’t represent any significant risk to health over a lifetime of consumption, including different sensitivities that may occur between life stages."

So, the question is, do we always get risk-free drinking water? The answer is no. The quality of drinking water around us is affected by many factors, including rainfall, which in turn affects the drinking water supply.

Although more rainfall can add to freshwater resources, heavier rainfall leads to the rapid movement of water from the atmosphere back to the oceans, reducing our ability to store and use it. Water quality is strongly impacted by runoff from rain events, especially during and after storms when streams and rivers are cloudy and look brown. When it rains, dirt and many other contaminants that build up on the ground or pavement are washed into streams and rivers, reducing the safe drinking water supply in affected areas. During heavy rains, the drinking water supply in coastal areas is highly affected. As sea levels rise, saltwater moves into freshwater sources, requiring desalination or seeking water from other resources.

Acid rain, which contains harmful chemicals, affects water quality by entering water systems. Thus, water supplies coming from lakes or streams right after rain can directly affect human health. As water quality may vary from different suppliers, especially during rains, it is necessary to be cautious about drinking water. It is always advised to use filters or boil water before consumption and to check the source of the water supply to reduce the risk of contamination.

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