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Research consistently demonstrates the benefits of smart water meters, which, when integrated into households, lead to a significant reduction in water usage by up to 5.3%.

These devices efficiently detect even minor water usage, helping to conserve water and reduce utility bills

In this blog, we will answer all your questions.

By examining real-world applications and user experiences, let’s explore how this innovative technology can contribute to both environmental conservation and improved quality of life.

a drowning city and a city in a water droplet on water surface
Smart water meters efficiently monitor usage, prevent leaks, and conserve water

What is a Smart Water Meter?

A smart water meter is an advanced device that tracks water usage and provides real-time water usage monitoring benefits, enabling proactive maintenance by identifying even small leaks to prevent major damage before it happens. 

Additionally, the environmental impact of smart water meters is significant as they promote efficient water conservationand .

This technology supports two-way communication between the water supplier and the consumer, with real-time monitoring powered by a sophisticated data management system.   

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How are Smart Water Meters Powered?

Smart water meters leverage high-precision IoT sensors, typically ultrasonic or electromagnetic, to accurately measure water flow across various sectors.

These sectors include domestic and commercial spaces, industrial facilities, and agriculture.

Benefits of IoT in water management encompass real-time monitoring, leak detection, and data-driven conservation efforts, leading to improved water efficiency across all these application areas. 

Unlike traditional meters, the microcontroller unit (MCU) within a smart meter analyzes consumption, detects anomalies, and identifies potential leaks in real-time. 

The MCU transmits data wirelessly to utility providers via cellular, Wi-Fi, or LoRa communication modules. This enables remote monitoring and early leak detection, providing real-time alerts for unusual water use.

water running from a tap
Smart water meters powered by IoT enable real-time monitoring and data-driven conservation

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Uses of Smart Water Meter

Smart water meter advantages for homeowners, commercial, municipal, industrial, among all water users in various areas including commercial, and municipal users:


  • Monitor Water Usage: Homeowners can track their daily, weekly, and monthly water consumption to identify usage patterns and potential leaks.
  • Irrigation Management: Smart meters can be linked to irrigation systems, optimizing watering schedules based on weather and soil moisture data (may require additional sensors).

Commercial and Industrial:

  • Optimize Water Usage: Businesses can pinpoint areas of high water consumption and identify opportunities for efficiency improvements, potentially reducing unit production water usage.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Large facilities benefit from remote monitoring of water usage, enabling quick identification and response to abnormal water flow patterns.
  • Cost Allocation (Multi-Unit Properties): Smart meters allow real-time tracking of water use in individual units within apartment buildings or commercial spaces, facilitating accurate cost allocation to tenants.


  • Remote Meter Reading:  Smart meters eliminate the need for manual meter reading.
  • Water Supply Management: Water meters can also help municipalities monitor and control water distribution across different zones.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance:  Smart meter data can help identify potential problems within the water network, allowing for targeted maintenance and reducing disruptions.

Real Estate and Property Management:

  • Individual Unit Tracking: Property managers can track water usage in individual units within a building with the help of a smart water meter.

Ten Benefits of Smart Water Meter

There are various benefits of smart water meters for both water utilities and consumers. Here's a closer look at some key benefits:

Accurate Billing & Revenue Optimization

Smart meters provide precise, real-time data on water usage, eliminating estimated bills and ensuring customers pay only for the water they use.

This reduces "non-revenue water" for utilities, ensuring they are compensated for all water delivered.

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Leak Detection & Reduced Water Loss

Another one of the benefits of a smart water meter includes the detection of abnormal usage patterns, and pinpointing leaks within a property or even within the water distribution system.

Early detection allows for prompt repairs, preventing water loss and saving money.

Water Revenue Optimization

Accurate meter readings and timely leak detection minimize unbilled water, reducing total water loss, which includes both commercial and physical losses, and leading to increased revenue for water utilities.

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Reduced Operational Costs

Automated data collection and remote monitoring eliminate the need for manual meter reading, saving utilities time and labor costs associated with meter reading, maintenance, and billing.

Data-Driven Management & Infrastructure Planning

The benefits of smart water meters also include the generation of a wealth of valuable data that utilities can analyze to identify trends, optimize water distribution, plan infrastructure upgrades more effectively, and strategically allocate water resources.

This data-driven approach fosters efficient operations and future planning for industry process improvement.

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Remote Access & Control

Utility companies can manage water services remotely, simplifying connection/disconnection processes and enabling remote shut-offs to prevent water damage during emergencies.

A man fixing leaky faucets
Smart water meters detect and address leaks quickly, preventing water loss

Scalability & Integration:

Smart meter technology allows for real-time water data and provides a platform for additional services like leak detection, pressure monitoring, water quality analysis, and district metering.

This scalable system can integrate various sensors into a single digital platform for comprehensive water management.

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Real-Time Monitoring & Active Stakeholder Participation:

Consumers can access online portals or mobile apps to monitor their water usage in real-time.

This empowers them to make informed decisions and identify wasteful habits, encouraging active participation in water conservation efforts.

Automatic report generation can further facilitate stakeholder engagement by providing transparent data for analysis and discussion.

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Longevity & Reliability:

Smart water meters are typically more durable and reliable than traditional meters, reducing maintenance and replacement costs for utilities.

Water Conservation & Sustainable Practices:

By providing real-time water usage information and leak alerts, the water conservation benefits of smart water meters offer a sustainable solution. Consumers can identify and address leaks, optimize individual water usage practices, and contribute to a sustainable water supply for future generations.

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Improved Decision-Making:

The data collected by smart meters allows for better decision-making across the board. Water utilities can optimize resource allocation, plan for future demand, and identify areas for system improvement.

Consumers can gain insights into their water usage patterns and make informed choices to conserve water.

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Kritsnam’s Smart Water Meter

Kritsnam Technologies specializes in smart water management solutions rooted in advanced research from IIT Kanpur. Our flagship product, the Dhaara Smart water meter, combines IoT technology with advanced sensor capabilities, making it the best smart water meter for efficient water management.

The meter offers features such as smart tamper detection, accurate water consumption data analysis benefits, and in-house calibration for precise water usage planning.

With battery-powered capabilities and inbuilt GPRS/4G telemetry, the Dhaara Smart meter is easy to install and use, even without an external power supply. Kritsnam's commitment to sustainable and innovative water solutions with the benefits of smart water meters makes us a trusted partner in transforming water users into responsible custodians.

Dhaara Smart
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Dhaara Smart
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The Dhaara is a new-age water meter that combines the power of IoT with the latest sensor technologies. The integrated telemetry and battery-powered capabilities make it easy to manage your water consumption from anywhere and anytime (even when the power is down).
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Dhaara Digital
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Dhaara Digital has been purpose-built to address the requirements of customers seeking metering solutions falling under the exemption category of CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority) compliance and other applications where telemetry is not required.
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Building a Greener Future by Transforming Water Conservation

As the world moves towards sustainable living, the benefits of smart water meters are playing a pivotal part in enhancing water conservation and management across residential, commercial, and municipal sectors.

By providing real-time data and precise monitoring, these innovative devices have been enabling efficient water usage and sustainable living. After all, ‘you cannot go green without blue!’

Join the future of water management with Dhaara Smart. Explore Kritsnam's smart water meters along with a simple smart water meter installation guide on our website and discover how the benefits of smart water meters can provide innovative solutions to transform your approach to water management.

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