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Farmers, Rivers and the Environment
by Team Kritsnam

Farmers, Rivers, and Environment are all interconnected terms. Farmers are dependent on both Rivers as well as Environment for their survival. The environment comprises of everything that surrounds us either it is living things like human, plants, trees, animals etc or the non-living things. Rivers provide a huge source of water for both agricultural and non-agricultural purposes. Hence we all are indirectly liable for all these things in our surroundings.

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Farmers provide us with the food we eat i.e. the main source of energy. In order to achieve a good agricultural output, they require all the basic stuff like seeds, land along with a source of good quality water which can be taken through a nearby river, canal, or deep inside the earth(by tube well or well). But problem is that human activities are largely disturbing the balance of nature and in return, the quality of all the stuff is being degraded. Pollution and greed is a major cause that reduces the natural qualities of water as well as the food/crop we eat. Pollutions like air pollution, water pollution etc depletes the quality of resources used by farmers which in return leads to bad quality crops and indirectly affect the quality of the food we eat. Rivers have now become a source of dump for many industries and sewage plants and if that kind of water is used for agricultural purposes it can lead to loss of health and many other diseases. Thus many have become unhealthy and unfit as a consequence of eating bad those kinds of stuff. Hence garbage disposal is a very big issue in India which is responsible for the quality of land available for agriculture.

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The greed of having more output has lead to wide usage of fertilizers and other harmful chemicals which ultimately degrade the quality of land and disturbs the natural nutrient cycle of a particular piece of land. Animals surrounding that area are indirectly affected by the consumption of plants and other things in that area. Continuous use of these kinds of chemicals not only affects animals and plants it also has an effect on humans also (by consumption of affected species) and thus leading to poor environmental conditions.

All these kind of activities have led to the disturbance of natural habitat and the natural balance of earth hence needs to be taken care of. We all have to contribute for that either directly or indirectly. We need to find a better way to dispose of our wastes rather than to dump them in rivers or land. If the quality of land improves there will be no need to use dangerous chemicals for a good crop output which indirectly saves money and nature as well. It is a good practice to spread awareness through campaigns from village to village or including these kinds of stuff in the courses of school going students, organizing functions on World Environment day in communities, growing plants etc. Everyone needs to contribute and compromise in one way or another if we want a better and healthy life and we need to keep in mind that change begins from an individual but can change a large fraction of people.

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