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India's views on water problem
by Team Kritsnam

Water has been a problem all the time this generation can remember. We are tapping into groundwater reservoirs, we have unpredictable monsoons which may or may not replenish our reserves from time to time.

India is the largest democracy this world has ever witnessed but what has it done to our citizens? It is said that Indians are one of the most undisciplined races of mankind on earth. We Indians have been adapted to leniency to such an extent that we now act on every imminent threat very casually which renders us suffering. We have been infantilized by the very starting of our time as a free nation. Due to this inherent flaw in our democracy: long-term solutions are very difficult to push through

Let's say if the water reservoirs of Bangalore will at most last a decade - if they take steps to conserve water to increase its reservoir for up to 2 decades (Which is excellent on paper), but what would it mean to the common voter? He is not CURRENTLY stressed, and it won’t Affect him CURRENTLY. So he will not act on it at all. The biggest issue is political will - The fruits of conservation will never ever be harvested by the party in power. Due to our 5 yr cycle rule, in most cases, no party will work on long-term efforts. Politically - If there is a water crisis, it is the problem of the future party in power. The fact that our voting population is as short-sighted, the parties make the problem persist. The parties get into power by highlighting and addressing the problems that are current, and via gimmicks.

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So what can be done to make people of INDIA pay heed to upcoming water crunch? Surge prices of water?

It must be understood, while we are under water stress, increasing the price would lead to it being denied to the poorer sections of the people. Water is a human necessity. For the sake of conservation efforts or awareness, we cannot price it as a luxury, hence the low price sort of make sense. Increasing the price of water will not help its conservation or awareness, on the flip side, it will cause more issues politically and locally.

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