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Water a waning asset
by Team Kritsnam

Water is the most basic life-sustaining resource on Earth. Every organism directly depends on it to sustain. Indian terrain has a healthy annual rainfall of 1869 cu/Km which is much more the world average, but the season for rainfall is quite short and has to be used for a variety of activities. Traditionally India is an agriculture-based economy and hence, it is important to develop irrigation schemes so as to reduce the dependence on groundwater by effective utilization of water. At present agriculture utilizes 89% of Surface water and 92% of groundwater for farming. This can vastly be reduced by using precise irrigation and Drip Irrigation.

  • Precise Irrigation – This method utilizes low-cost monitoring and automation infrastructure to empower farmers with technology to assert the maximum yield with least but sufficient use of water resources
  • Drip Irrigation – It utilizes the sprinkler system to directly water the root zone of the plants as well as minimize evaporation. Drip irrigation systems can even help to reduce runoff and contribute to water conservation

Another area which I strongly believe can help to reduce water consumption is gardening.

Gardening requires gallons of water per year. While shortage of water can lead to malnutrition similarly, excess of water may damage the plants as in similar fashion. As a consequence, measures have to be taken to justify the use of water in an organised manner. The idea is to use new efficient technologies such as good garden hose and sprinklers to water the plants to maximize effectiveness.

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